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Post by VK3KYY » Sun Nov 08, 2020 9:41 pm

I've been informed that at least one vendor on eBay, was effectively selling the OpenGD77 firmware, and disguising this as an "Installation" charge.
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Though there is nothing illegal in what this vendor is doing, its totally against the ethos of Ham radio, and the amount they are charging for a few minutes of work to "install" the firmware obviously makes this a charge for the actual firmware, as it only takes 5 minutes at most to unbox a radio and install the firmware.

Its effectively profiteering from the thousands of hours of work that all the developers and beta testers etc etc have put into the project, for free, for several years.

I've discussed this with the developers, and if this vendor re-lists or continues to do this. It will almost certain result in all the developers ceasing public development of the firmware, me included, and we will likely continue only making private versions for ourselves which are locked to our own DMR ID's

And only make locked versions available via some sort of registration system, similar to what PA7LIM had to do with his peanut application

However, managing a registration system would take a lot of my time, and its not something that would be quick or easy for me to setup.

I will also not be updating the repo with even the Release versions of source code, to prevent these vendors compiling versions which are locked to individual users, if that happens.

Anyway. I will monitor the situation.

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