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unstable hardware programming ?

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2023 8:28 pm
by ve2wkr
HI! Roger,
I have been pondering this minor annoyance for a few months, and I want to mention it here so you can keep it in mind when looking though the code.
On my RT3S I have the following hard to reproduce bugs:
1) when, let's say I'm on TS1, and receiving heavy BER from a DMR repeater, the radio sometimes jumps to receiving audio from TS2. Pushing the PTT fixes the problem.
2) when switching from a DMR channel to an FM channel, then switching back to DMR, say TG 310847, then changing to TG 9990 private call , it sometimes get stuck transmitting on the old TG (310847). Changing TG to someting else and back fixes the problem.
I have ECO mode 4 set.
From my experience I'm wondering if the firmware is violating some programming minimum timing of the c6000 registers ?
Again none of these random issues are more then a annoyance, and they are not easily reproducible.
This does not seem to happen on the DM-1801, and on the MD9600. (have not used the DM-1701 enough to notice yet)
Just FYI,