TG filtering ?

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Re: TG filtering ?

Post by G4EML » Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:09 am

I agree, if talkgroup filtering is implemented then it needs to work as you describe.
On a talkgroup other than the one selected the green light should come on but nothing else should happen. I don’t think here is any need to have two levels of talkgroup filtering.

The only real use is to be able to wait for a call on one talkgroup without being disturbed by calls on others. In that case you would not want the radio to display anything from other talkgroups.

One other point, even with talkgroup filtering on the radio should still receive a private call addressed to its own ID.

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Re: TG filtering ?

Post by kt4lh » Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:58 pm

I've heard a few times one of the drawbacks to OpenGD77 is that there's no way to set up an RX Group; it hears everything on the given timeslot. I think for most people it's likely a small limitation, but at the same time if a local repeater has a bunch of activity on a TG I don't want to hear, but want to otherwise monitor, it makes sense. For hotspot usage, you'd just maintain your intended list on the hotspot.

As for the function, I'd think that filter by TS, TG, TG+TS might be nice to have, or maybe it's inherently this. And just muting, I'm trying to picture how that looks in my mind but that seems okay maybe? As long as the screen isn't lighting up all the time, if it's showing green for receiving and just shows the info on the screen this seems okay. That way I as a user know the channel is active, I can see what TG is active, and if I want, I can turn off filtering or add that channel to my "RX Group".

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Re: TG filtering ?

Post by DG3GSP » Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:10 am

Sometimes i miss to filter a single TG, but if the radio show the other activities on the display (with muted audio) it would not disturb me.
73, Peter DG3GSP

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