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Q. Which radios does the OpenGD77 firmware work with.
A. Currently it only works with the Radioddity GD-77. This includes things all operating modes.. i.e including Hotspot mode.

Q. Where can the firmware be downloaded from.
A. There are currently 2 versions.
The old "Tier1" version which only works with hotspots and for simplex QSO's and not with repeaters - but has a stable and well tested Hotspot mode.
Which can be downloaded from here https://github.com/rogerclarkmelbourne/ ... enGD77.sgl

The new "Tier2" version, which works with repeaters and hotspots, but which only has an experimental / unstable Hotspot mode
Which can be downloaded from here https://github.com/rogerclarkmelbourne/ ... latest.sgl This version is constantly being updated, but its generally stable

Q. Is there a manual
A. Yes. There is a full manual for the Tier2 version, which I endeavour to keep updated.
https://github.com/rogerclarkmelbourne/ ... 20Guide.md

Q. If I install this firmware can I return to the official firmware
A. Yes. The OpenGD77 firmware does not make any changes to the radio. If the OpenGD77 firmware doesn't work for you, please reload the official Radioddity firmware

Q. How do I install the firmware
A. Either using the official Radioddity firmware installer program, or the newer versions of the Community CPS include an option in the "Extras" menu which can upload the OpenGD77 or official Radioddity firmware

Q. I installed the firmware but can't connect with the CPS
A. You need to use the OpenGD77 CPS, (including the USB driver needed for the OpenGD77) which can be downloaded from here
https://github.com/rogerclarkmelbourne/ ... taller.exe

Q. A feature in the Official firmware is not in the OpenGD77 firmware
A. This is not a complete replacement for the official Radioddity firmware. It will never be identical to the official firmware as that would be a complete waste of time ;-)
The firmware is designed for Amateur Radio use, and may not suit commercial users.
The firmware is still under development with new features being added constantly, with the eventual goal of implementing all functions needed for Amateur radio use.

Q. Do I need to update my codeplug to use the OpenGD77 firmware
A. No, but...
The way the OpenGD77 handles Channels and RxGroups is different from the official firmware.
The OpenGD77 firmware uses the Rx Group list as a "Talkgroup list" for both the Rx and also the TX, so it is not necessary to duplicate the same frequency for every TG that you use on that frequency.
Just put all the TGs for the frequency (e.g, for a repeater) into a Rx Group list e.g. "DMR+ AU" and assign that Rx Group list to the repeaters that use that group of TGs
You can then cycle through that list, on the channel screen, by pressing the Left or Right arrows
The Community CPS also allows a TimeSlot to be assigned to a Digital Contact / TG, as an override to the TS (Repeater slot) for the Channel, so there is no need to create separate channels for TS1 and TS2.
Additionally, the TG number can be manually entered via the keypad (by pressing # TG_NUMBER then Green button)

The OpenGD77 also has a fully functional VFO with separate Tx and Rx frequencies so the radio can be used even if no channels are defined.

Even the user's own DMR ID can be entered via the keypad, so the GD-77 can be used even if the default codeplug that is installed by Radioddity is in the radio.

Q. Will the OpenGD77 firmware worth with other radios in the future
A. This is technically possible, but currently I only have time to develop the firmware for the GD-77.
Other radios have similar hardware, including the Baofeng DM-1801, Baofeng RD-5R, TYT MD-380 , and most TYT radios. However none of these radio's including the DM-1801 has identical hardware in the radio even if the radio looks very similar on the outside.
This is especially true of the Baofeng DM-1801 which looks very similar on the outside, but has a completely different PCB and slightly different CPU

Q. Is there a tool to Export and Import the codeplug to and from CSV
A. See https://www.gb3gf.co.uk/downloads.html where Colin G4EML has some great utilities including a codeplug tool which supports the 80 channels per zone now available in the OpenGD77 firmware

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