Discussion: Scan Channels (Rx=Low and Tx=High)

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Discussion: Scan Channels (Rx=Low and Tx=High)

Post by footloosejava » Sat Jan 25, 2020 9:36 pm

Currently, user must assign Rx to low, change RX (or swap with Tx) and then assign Rx with high.
Instead, allow VFO scan to just use Rx and Tx as the range itself.
If with VFO scan, the Rx is low and Tx is high, this makes scanning a range much easier.

One Step Further:
If one zone can be marked to only contain SCAN CHANNELS, then when the channel is selected in the zone, and scan is invoked, it will only perform a VFO scan on the channel. What to do when the scan finds a channel I don't know.

Or ... when channel is selected, and "Scan Range" selected instead of 'Scan', then scan using Rx as low and Tx as high without the user needing to switch to VFO and assign the low and high.

The basic idea is the user can create a channel entry that is only used for a scan range and name it something. One zone could contain a few of these ranges.

Scan Zone
VHF - Towing companies
VHF - Search and Rescue
VHF - Weather channels
VHF - Simplex Search

This eliminates the need to switch to VFO to perform scan. It also makes it convenient to enter low and high and name the range for easy reference. BY making the channel a 'scan channel', then the user cannot accidentally use it for Tx by accident transmitting on the Tx of the range. If a channel is found in scan, user can always Copy received channel to VFO for further use.

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