CSV import Issue

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Re: CSV import Issue

Post by VK3KYY » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:44 am

The only issue, and its a definite problem, is that the changes to allow the same TG to be in more than one contacts (to allow the same TG to be on TS1, and TS2 or not assigned a TS), have caused the import feature to be able to create multiple contacts with the same TG.

Part of the problem is that the Export feature has not been updated to export the TS override on the Contact, and also the Contact creation section of the CPS needs more checking to be added to prevent the same TG with the same TS override setting, being created more than once.

Unfortunately there are no active contributors to the CPS, and I don't have much free time, if any, to bug fix the CPS at the moment.

I'd advise you to use Colin G4EML's standalone Export / Import program


BTW. I also found another "feature" / problem in the CPS if you try to import a channel where the frequency is outside the range defined in the Basic Information screen, as the CPS resets the frequency of the channel to the start of the range if its outside that range e.g I tried to import some channels on 475Mhz and they all got imported as 400Mhz.

So I had to change the Basic information settings so that the max freq is 520Mhz (the max the hardware can handle)

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