Script for personalizing a common codeplug

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Script for personalizing a common codeplug

Post by oh1fss » Sat Dec 26, 2020 2:37 pm

Have you built your codeplug from scratch? Or have you copied it from your friend or ham club? If you have copied, what do you do if the source changes? You could personalize it by using OpenGD77CPS. But it does not run natively in Linux. And anyway, it involves some manual work, at least you DMR ID and your personal hotspot settings.

I wrote some scripts to automate personalizing a common codeplug for my needs without having to use OpendGD77CPS manually.

Here is a Linux script which downloads a model codeplug from a web site, changes hotspot settings (channel named "Personal hotspot", frequency 434.4875 MHz, color code 13) and then my DMR ID and callsign, and finally writes it to my radio:

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./ -i codeplug.g77 -o $TEMPORARY_FILE -n 'Personal Hotspot' -r 434487500 -c 13
./ -i $TEMPORARY_FILE -o $MY_CODEPLUG -d 2441033 -c OH1FSS
# for safety, you might want to run the following only after checking the previous command results...
./ -w -f $MY_CODEPLUG
This script uses two other Python programs which you can download from:




The third Python script is attached to this posting. That program includes many functions which are not needed here, but which might be useful if you want to extend the functionality yourself.

Extract all three programs to a directory and adapt the script above for your needs!

The programs are experimental, so make backups and be careful! I tested the programs in Fedora 33 Linux using Python version 3.9.1.
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