Hello from ZL1GW

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Hello from ZL1GW

Post by ZL1GW » Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:22 pm

Hello everyone, I've just heard of this project (not sure how I missed it!)

Excited to see where it goes, hoping I can contribute to development as time allows.

I'm a Canadian who immigrated to New Zealand several years ago. I'm a reasonably new HAM, but have been involved in radio in general for many years in some forms. I'm an experienced computer engineer, with extensive programming experience, and I'm an electronics engineer. So I'm interested in this project to open up further development on my radios :)

I'm also working with the local club to revive one of the only New Zealand Packet Radio BBS. And an idea popped into my mind about building in suppport for a USB TNC mode for the firmware. Would be interesting to support packet in a super easy way without building your own interface, or doing audio modem hacks.

Anyway, lots of ideas, I'll leave it at that, and be cruising around the forums.
73, ZL1GW

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Re: Hello from ZL1GW

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